Aisoul Smart Home Security Camera System All-in-One Wi-Fi Camera

Aisoul Smart Home Security Camera System All-in-One Wi-Fi Camera Smart Socket Outlet App Remote Monitoring Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detection with Multi-color RGB lights, this is a excellent camera system especially if you have children in the home. This camera was pretty easy to set up and if have any problems it comes with a step by step booklet for directions. There are many functions with this camera and after you get it all set up it will alert you by email. Once this is set up, the best part is you can control it by your phone.

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 Purchasing this camera you can not go wrong, it is definitely a device for your home that gives you some extra added safety.

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Set Up in Minutes with Aisoul App

Aisoul Wi-Fi Smart Socket Camera works with Aisoul App. You can easily monitor, record videos, and snapshot photos of different things going on in your home anytime, anywhere via an Internet connection. Aisoul App is simple. Since there is only one route, click an icon to do one step, you will know how to do next.

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Download Aisoul App, plug your Aisoul Wi-Fi Smart Socket Camera in, and connect it to your smartphone, then to your Wi-Fi network. Now, enjoy your gadget. Setup takes minutes. Notice that it supports only 2.4G Wi-Fi.

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It is easy to install. I went to the Google Play store, downloaded the Aisoul app, plugged the camera in, it scans looking for your wifi, it brings it up, I put our wifi password in, and that's it. It comes with a micro Sd card. It has video looping where it records then when it fills up it starts over so it never stops recording. You can also talk back and forth between the camera and the app on your phone. You watch and listen to the videos on your phone or computer. The videos are in 1080p, but you can change it to 780p, or 520p.

The camera comes with a micro Sd card adapter and a case for it. The app is very nice. You can change the light on the camera to all different colors, red, white, yellow, orange, blue, and many more. There is a color wheel and you can adjust the brightness as well. There is also the option to turn the light off. You can add other cameras to the app. It has a doorbell option in the app if you have the doorbell cameras where you can see when someone rings your doorbell. There are other things you can add but you have to purchase those separately.

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Aisoul Wi-Fi Smart Socket Camera allows you to be there with built-in two-way audio. There is a superior microphone and a speaker built in. When someone speaks near the gadget, it will send the voice with lively details to you through Aisoul App in real time. Also, you can talk back in Aisoul App, chatting with your family, or warning intruders.

Aisoul Wi-Fi Smart Socket Camera gives you more choices. You can tap the color disk in Aisoul App to choose a color you want from millions of colors. It reflects your mood, and creates an atmosphere. Also, the other option is to turn on the warm white lighting. 

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Aisoul Smart Home Security Camera features

 HD Wi-Fi Camera. You can view real-time video anytime and anywhere after connecting it to your smartphone via Wi-Fi; supports two-way audio, speak up to stop uninvited guest and chat with your family member.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm. Automatically send out alarm sound and notify you by app immediately when smoke and Carbon Monoxide is detected, protecting you from potential dangers and risks.

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Smart Socket. Plug into its outlet or connect to a USB cable to charge your device. Create schedules to power on or off automatically your home electronics.

Adjustable lightings. Simply adjust in Aisoul App. Tap on the color disk to adjust the multi-color RGB lights to the color that you want; slide the bar in the same page to adjust its brightness; create a schedule to turn/off the warm white lighting.

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