RazerGo Location-based chat app for pokemon go

RazerGo is a location-based chat that will bridge any communication gap to let you coordinate your gym conquests so you can truly be the very best. Like no one ever was. RazerGo is not related to Nintendo, The Pokémon Co. and Niantic Project. 

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With RazerGo's location-based chat system, you'll be able to discover trainers not just in your neighborhood or your region, but all over the world. By simply sliding the distance-based chat control, you'll be able to forge new global friendships in your quest to catch ‘em all. 

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From creating and toggling both public and team chats to whispering a nearby player, the team-based chat feature of RazerGo enables you to communicate with absolute ease. Now, you can effortlessly take on team objectives, regardless of whether you want to coordinate the perfect gym conquest with your team, or issue a “surrender now, or prepare to fight” to opposing teams. 

By simply dropping a Beacon anywhere on the map, you're able to setup a micro-chat room so you can instantly rally team members for a gym assault, or alert public players that a Legendary Pokémon has appeared. 

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The online web version of RazerGo gives you the undisputed convenience of planning Pokémon hunts at your desk whenever you're not out on the streets. 

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