HooToo 3D VR Headset Lighter Version Virtual Reality Goggles, 3rd Generation VR Glasses

The HooToo HT-VR002 is a virtual reality headset capable of displaying 3D films, stunning 360 degree interactive photos and videos, and dedicated VR websites. HooToo 3D VR is an entry level headset, it is a fun and affordable way to experience the future of entertainment.

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Comfort Fitting Wearing the headset feels comfortable and snug on your head due to a balanced design that redistributes the weight to relieve tension, stress, and pressure, ensuring you can use the headset for longer. When worn, the soft sponge casing further reduces pressure as well as providing more room for your face to breathe. For All Eyes Nearly everyone can use the headset, no matter their level of vision, thanks to a fully adjustable focal (2.1"- 2.9") and object distance settings. When adjusted, the unreal 3D worlds look fresher, crisper, and more detailed than ever before.

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A Wider View Specifically designed for this VR headset, the built-in immersive HooToo Optical Lens prevents distortion while also providing a greater 102° field of vision so yYou can see and experience more than you ever could in the real world. A Safer, More Immersive Experience For improved usability, the plastic holder provides greater heat dissipation to protect your phone from overheating and damage. When it comes to getting a better view, an insertable 8-shaped shade cover stops light leakage while also optimizing the experience by standardizing framing across different apps. Apps for Everyone Compatible with apps from the Apple App and Google Play Stores, you'll have access to an ever growing library of exciting content from films and games to virtual tours around the world. All popular smartphones with a 4.85"-6.25" width, 2.3"-3.8" length, and 0.29"-0.37" thickness are compatible so everyone can enter a new reality right from their living room. 

This HooToo Vr headset is a nice upgrade to the Google cardboard headset. The concept is the same except more thought and care was put into the design for this headset. The headset is constructed of plastic with glass lenses.

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HooToo 3D VR Headset Best Features

1). Adjustable straps to allow for a better fit
2). Cushioning for where the headset covers your face making it comfortable to wear for extended periods of time
3). Adjustable focus
4). Glass lenses
5). Lightweight
6). Works with multiple devices from iPhone 6 to Samsung Note 5, as long as the phone is within the dimensions of 3.5 - 6 inches
7). Doesn’t make your face sweat
8). Worked great with inMind, Star Wars VR, Google Street VR, Proton Pulse with iPhone 6


The experience of the headset will rely a lot on the VR app itself and the phone used. The newer the phone typically the better specs and better performance with the headset. Overall, this is a great entry level headset that allows you the ability to experience virtual reality. Great for trying out VR apps as well as for kids. 

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HooToo 3D VR Better Compatibility

HooToo 3D VR Headset is compatible with smartphones between 4.7 and 6 inches in screen size, or maximum device length and width of 6.8 inches and 3.5 inches respectively.

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