Dell Alienware 13 gaming laptop very good computer for new gamers

The Dell Alienware 13 gaming laptop is available with your choice of brilliant HD or Full HD display, or choose Quad HD display with touch screen technology. Full HD and Quad HD options come with available IPS technology. Get up to 2560X1440 pixel density and extra wide viewing angles with optional IIPS panel technology. 

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The Dell Alienware 13 outfitted with up to an Intel® Core™ i5 U processor for full-throttle action, the Alienware 13 is equipped for the most advanced situations and a seamless gaming experience. That means you can react faster than your opponents and explore worlds more seamlessly.

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The Alienware 13 is thinner, lighter and features longer battery life than any previous Alienware laptops. It's approximately 40% thinner than the Alienware 14 at just 26mm thick.

The Alienware 13 offers Ethernet built by Killer Networks – meaning you’re getting the smoothest possible streaming video and gaming packets when you need it most. Confidently connect with 802.11ac WiFi and USB 3.0 for the lightning fast data transfer speeds. 

Klipsch certified speakers and software provided by Sound Blaster deliver high-powered audio that completes your incredibly immersive gaming experience.

Stare down your friends and opponents with a 2.0MP Full HD webcam and let the banter flow with a dual microphone array.

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Get 20GB of Dropbox space included for a year with your purchase of a new Dell PC.

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Dell Alienware 13 Price and Specifications 

Brand                  Dell

Series                  Alienware 13

Colour                  Black

Screen Size          13 Inches

Display Resolution  1366 x 768

Item Weight           4 Kg

Processor Brand  Intel

Processor Type  Core i5-5200U

Processor Speed  2.7 GHz

RAM Size          8 GB

Memory                   DDRL3

Hard Drive Size  1 TB

Audio Details           Speaker

Graphics                   Nvidia GeForce Coprocessor

Operating System   Windows 8.1

Average Battery         Life (in hours) 4

 Price Starting            $1799.99 

Dell Alienware 13 Reviews 

The Alienware 13 gaming laptop is very thin and powerful. Another huge plus is that it runs much quieter and cooler than my other laptops.

This Dell Alienware 13 laptop is a very good computer for new gamers. It has wonderful graphic, a great monitor and endless possibilities that you can do with it.

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If you are a gamer that just wants to play every game currently available and you don't care about the graphics being on ultra then this is the laptop for you. This dell gaming laptop runs every game that I throw at it without a hiccup. There are some games that will run medium to high settings but when you are an average gamer graphics shouldn't matter. It is about being able to play the game in the first place. The laptop Dell Alienware 13 is very solidly built. The weight to size ratio is a little greater than most laptops but it definitely shows the build quality that Alienware has put into it. 

The specs are more than enough for daily tasks and will outperform most computers for daily use in today's world. Do keep in mind that I bought the build with the 1366x768 resolution. I made this choice so that my FPS performance would increase in every game. I recommend this laptop for anyone who wants to play on the go and doesn't mind not that it won't run every game on ultra.

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The materials used look and feel great. The shape and lines look amazing. Very thin and lightweight.The fans are pretty quiet and pretty much go unnoticed yet keep it fairly cool. All in all, this is a very well thought out design and just works. 

Dell Alienware 13 Pros an Cons

Pros: Powerful HD sound, GPU, HD screen, low price, great graphics, amazing processor, wonderful design.

Dell Alienware 13 Cons: No sd card reader, screen size, no DVD drive.

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