Casio Smart Outdoor Watch Android Wear

Casio Android Wear Smart Outdoor Watch 

The Casio Smart Outdoor Watch WSD-F10 is the first 1 smart watch with a built-in microphone to achieve 50-meter water resistance. Its water-resistant structure assures protection against wet conditions encountered in various outdoor environments, from sudden showers during mountain ascents to sweat while cycling or water spray kicked up when fishing or boating.

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The Smart Outdoor Watch WSD-F10 realizes environmental performance in compliance with the MIL-STD-810G*2 military standard endurance tests specified by the U.S. Department of Defense. This ensures its ability to withstand dropping shocks, vibrations and other demands of rugged outdoor use and to operate normally in a wide range of environments.

The display employs a dual-layer structure featuring a monochrome LCD and color LCD installed on separate levels. The dial switches as needed from the monochrome LCD with its continuous time display, which maintains clear visibility even in bright sunlight, to the color LCD with its rich, vividly colorful display of measurement information and applications. The use of two LCDs makes it possible to maintain excellent visibility in any circumstances.

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A selection of watch faces featuring easily exchanged digital and analog displays of barometric pressure, altitude, direction and other readings, developed with attention to design, functionality and practicality. 

Information on factors such as speed, distance, elapsed time and changes in atmospheric pressure are displayed continuously during ongoing activities.

Communication between the Casio Smart Outdoor Watch WSD-F10 and a smartphone requires installation of Android Wear. Full use of the TOOL, ACTIVITY and MOMENT SETTER features is available after installation of the CASIO MOMENT SETTER+ app

Casio Smart Outdoor Watch supported by Google apps and services including Gmail, Google Maps, Google Fit, Weather and Voice search.

Casio Smart Outdoor Watch Main Specifications

OS                              Android Wear™

Display                      1.32-inch dual layer display
                                    Color TFT LCD and monochrome LCD
                                    Color: 320×300 pixels

Touchscreen             Capacitive touchscreen

Water Resistance         50 meters

Environmental Durability MIL-STD-810 (United States military standard issued by the U.S. Department of Defense) 

Sensors                     Pressure (air pressure, altitude) sensor, accelerometer, gyrometer, compass (magnetic) sensor 

Battery                    Lithium-ion battery

Connectivity            Bluetooth® V4.1 (Low Energy), Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n)

Recharging Time    Approx. 2 hours at room temperature

Battery Life            More than 1 day

Casio Smartwatch Outdoor Features

Trekking: Casio Smart Outdoor Watch display of accurate environmental information gives trekkers peace of mind.  Measure directions, altitudes and atmospheric pressure with easy push-button operation. The results are useful for confirming the direction to your goal and predicting changes in the weather. Receive automatic notification of sunrise/sunset times and other fleeting occurrences. Displays the altitude remaining from your current position to the goal, the elapsed time and your travel speed in real time.

Cycling: Data such as the travel speed, distance and time are always close at hand without taking out a smartphone. Receive reminders with Casio Smart Outdoor Watch to stop for food and rest according to the distance and time traveled. If you get lost or want to change the route, simply conduct a quick, easy voice-activated search on Google Maps.

Casio Smart Outdoor Watch has Convenient Preset App for Cycling. Runkeeper is a mobile running and cycling app that has helped people get out the door. Tracks and records routes for running, cycling, walking or hiking.

Fishing: Select your fishing method to suit the activity of the fish as indicated by the atmospheric pressure tendency and high and low tides on the day concerned. This Smart Outdoor Watch calculates and displays the time frame in which fish are active, and reminds you of the appropriate timing for fishing.

Casio Smart Outdoor Watch has the real-time atmospheric pressure tendency display to predict sudden weather changes. Then respond appropriately to thunderstorms and other weather events.

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